Every day our small dairy takes wonderfully fresh milk from the cows grazing nearby fields to produce our mouth-watering ice creams, truly lovely, golden, clotted cream and thick, tasty yoghurts.

Our day starts early, long before the crack of dawn, because it takes time to make products as good as ours. Our small separator spins the milk around quickly causing light, golden cream to come to the top and heavier milk to fall out the bottom. The cream is then poured into pots and slow-baked to make a rich, deeply-flavoured and crusty clotted cream, while the remaining milk provides a high quality base for our low fat yoghurts. Nothing is wasted.

Later on, you can find us making sauces for our ice creams (bought-in sauces are not good enough for us); squeezing lemons for our lemon curd or melting the best cane sugar we can find to make caramel sauce.

It’s not a job to us, it’s our way of our life! We take the freshest milk from the Hampshire countryside and bring it to your table to enjoy.
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